Do I Always Need a Child Theme?

In the dynamic realm of WordPress development, we will be talking about child theme, yes, child theme. We will go from what is to why is then to the myth of child theme.

What is a child theme?
A child theme the name goes is a child to the parent theme installed on any web page. just like biology, a child has their parent’s genes, so it is in child theme. A child theme is simply an extension that has to inherit the same functionality and style of the parent theme (the initial theme installed for the designing and functionality of the website or web page). The child theme makes modification, alteration, and enhancement possible without touching the original theme.

WHY is the child theme important?
The child theme is a very important part of WordPress development as it:
1. Is indispensable when it comes to maintaining the integrity of a website during theme updates.
2. It acts as a protective, preservative, and preventive layer to a custom-made design.

WHAT are the disadvantages of not having a child theme?
Well to every advantage you can say there will be a disadvantage and we need to know what would happen if we don’t use our child theme correctly or at all.
1. Customer-made designs would be lost if updates were made.
2. Rebuilding and modification can be difficult if there is no child theme.
3. Disruption of website appearance and functionality would be affected.

MYTH around child theme
There are several myths and misconceptions about the child theme. Well, I will only mention the 2 most common ones.
1. There is a saying among designers that a child theme is only for advanced WordPress developers. This statement is not true on the account that either you are a pro or a learner in WordPress development. We both will update our custom-made designs if not we will update our software and that would turn bad if we don’t have a child theme.
2. Another is saying that a child theme slows down a website. Well, that is also wrong because a child theme is not even up to 1 MB. How will that slow a website, other components add up to slowing down a website or web page.

When correctly implemented, the impact on performance is monumental, making the advantages far outweigh any perceived drawbacks.

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